Welcome to PyDataStructs’s documentation!

This project aims to be a Python package for various data structures in computer science. We are also working on the development of algorithms including their parallel implementations. To the best of our knowledge, a well-designed library/package which has covered most of the data structures and algorithms doesn’t exist yet.

Once the software design becomes more stable after a few releases of this package in the near future, we also aim to provide APIs for the code in C++ and Java as well.


This project is under active development and contributions are welcome.


You can install the package by running the following command,

pip install cz-pydatastructs==0.0.1

Make sure that your python version is at least 3.5.

Why PyDataStructs?

  1. Single package for all your data structures and algorithms - We have and are implementing many popular and useful data structures and algorithms.

  2. Consistent and Clean Interface - The APIs we have provided are consistent with each other, clean and easy to use. We make sure of that before adding any new data structure or algorithm.

  3. Well Tested - We thoroughly test our code before making any new addition to PyDataStructs. 99 percent lines of our code have already been tested by us.

So, you can easily rely on PyDataStructs for any data structure or algorithm you want to use without worrying about implementing it from scratch. Everything is just a few calls away.

Why do we use Python?

As we know Python is an interpreted language and hence is slow compared to C++, the most popular language for competitive programming. We still decided to use Python because the software development can happen at a much faster pace and it is much easier to test various software designs and APIs as coding them out takes no time. However, keeping the need of the users in mind, we will shift to C++ backend, which will happen quickly as we would be required to just translate the tested code rather than writing it from scratch, after a few releases with APIs available for all the languages.